The Basics of Roullete


Roullete is an old-fashioned European gambling game that originated in the 16th century. It was briefly banned in France because of its controversial nature, but soon gained popularity throughout Europe. This fun team game can be enjoyed by individuals and groups of friends. Regardless of skill level, Roullete can be a great introduction to gambling culture in Europe.

Outside bets pay out 1:1

Unlike American Roulette, where you bet on single numbers, French Roulette features a wheel in the centre and a layout on each side. Outside bets pay out a lot more often than inside bets, but the payouts are smaller. However, they offer better odds of winning than inside bets. Outside bets are good for beginners because they do not require precise number placement.

Inside bets pay out more

Inside bets in roulette are those that are made against a single number or small group of numbers on the layout. Inside bets are often favored by experienced roulette players because they pay out more when they win. There are many different types of inside bets. To help you better understand them, here are some handy terms to remember.

Outside bets pay out less

You can place a bet on the outcome of a number lands in a particular pocket on a Roulette wheel. The box under the second ’12’ box represents this bet and is labeled with a red or black diamond. This bet typically pays 1:1 and offers the best odds. The downside is that outside bets have a lower payout rate.

House edge

The house edge in rouletes is the percentage of a bet that is taken from the player. The house edge varies from casino game to game. For example, the house edge in roulette is different from that of blackjack. In general, the house edge is about 25%, while it is only 15% in slots.

Variations of roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the world. Although it does not have as many variations as some casino games, it does have a few important differences. The two main variations are the European and American. This article covers the European version, which is much more popular and is played at casinos worldwide. The European game has one fewer pocket on the wheel than the American one, but the payouts are the same. However, the house edge is significantly higher: 5.26%.