MMA Betting Tips

mma betting

Betting on MMA has grown into a hugely popular market at betting sites and sportsbooks worldwide. Unlike boxing, MMA is a high-pressure sport that can be extremely unpredictable, making it essential to have a good understanding of the betting odds before placing a bet.

Choosing the right MMA bookmaker is crucial to maximizing your mma betting returns. Several factors can impact your choice, including the types of wagering options offered, the site’s security and customer support, and your preferred betting style.

Bet on an Underdog

MMA betting on underdogs can be very lucrative if they win the fight. Backing an underdog will give you a larger payout if they do manage to win, but you must bet smartly and understand their fighting styles, injuries, and preparation for the fight.

Use the Moneyline

Almost every major MMA betting site will have a moneyline available for each fight. The moneyline will show how much money you need to bet to win $100 if your pick wins.

Consider the fighters’ records

Taking a look at the record of both of the fighters is important to determine their chances of victory in a fight. Often, one fighter has won in close, high-stakes bouts while the other has struggled with lesser competition. This is a key factor to consider because it indicates how tough the opponent may be and how well they are prepared for a high-stakes matchup.

Don’t Be Swayed by “MMA Math”

Despite what some punters think, MMA betting isn’t all about “MMA math.” It is important to pay attention to a fighter’s history and MMA news around their wins/losses, but it’s also important to look at how they have performed against the competition in their past.

Take Advantage of Early Lines

Many MMA betting sites offer their odds early, typically on Monday or Tuesday before an event. This allows you to lock in your bets and avoid the potential for underwhelming lines or last-minute cancellations.

Parlay MMA Bets

Using the parlay betting option is a great way to place multiple bets on a single fight. You can select two or more fighters and the result of each of their individual bets will determine your final winnings.

You can also use the parlay option to bet on a specific fighter’s total score, which is another common type of MMA wagering. Generally, the higher your parlay bet, the better your odds will be.

Don’t be Swayed by “MMA Math”

The problem with MMA betting is that it can become very easy to get swayed by what you see on the television. It is important to pay attention to the fight’s media hype, but it’s also important to remember that each fighter reacts differently to pressure in a high-pressure matchup.

Be a Parlay Expert

A parlay bet is a riskier MMA betting option, but can bring in a bigger return than just placing a single bet. This requires you to correctly predict all of the fighters’ scores in a parlay, but can be an excellent way to make a large profit on a single event.

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