When the Dealer Has a Blackjack – Buy It Or Surrender


If the dealer has a blackjack, you have two choices: Buy it or surrender. This article will cover both options and explain what they entail. Also learn when to buy insurance and how to double down while hitting. We’ll also go over the different strategies in blackjack. You’ll have more fun if you learn about these strategies in advance! Here are some of them:

Buy insurance or surrender

Should you buy blackjack insurance or surrender? It depends on your strategy and the break-even point of your insurance bet. When the insurance win percentage is equal to your win percentage, you’re better off insuring the hand. If you’re risk-averse, a better decision is to surrender. Insured hands are better off when your EV is at least 1/3. But when you’re risk-averse, you might want to bet on insurance whenever your hand has a good chance of being tied.

As far as blackjack strategies are concerned, you’ll want to avoid making the wrong decision if you can. While many professional blackjack players recommend against taking insurance, novices should be aware of the consequences of a mistaken assumption. If your blackjack hand has a low probability of winning, buying insurance is a smart move when the odds favor you. It’s also a good idea to play blackjack at live casinos, which allow you to play blackjack insurance.

Buy it when the dealer has a blackjack

When the dealer has a blackjack, you may want to “buy it” and insure against losing the bet. In the case of blackjack, the dealer is supposed to have a blackjack less than one-third of the time. To get the most out of this bet, you must place your bets as soon as possible. You must place them before the dealer begins the next hand. You must also collect used cards and place them into the discard holder.

Option to surrender

When playing blackjack, an option to surrender your hand is one of your options. Using this option is best suited for hands with a high probability of hitting 21 or fewer. It is also the best option for hands that have no Ace or a hard total. However, you should know the rules of surrendering in advance. This is not always possible. To know whether it is allowed in your casino, ask the dealer or floorman. Surrender is rarely advertised or mentioned on the rules plaque on the table.

While there are many different types of blackjack games, most casinos do not offer this option. Surrendering at an early stage is bad for the casino, but this option is now the most common and has a dramatic impact on the house edge. Blackjack surrender can be beneficial if used correctly. It will give you an extra chance to win a blackjack game and preserve your bankroll. This option is sometimes overlooked, however, and many casinos no longer offer it.

Option to double your bet while hitting

A soft total of 16-18 is the perfect time to double your bet. You also want to hit if you have an Ace and a lower card. A hard 10 or 11 is good too if you have two cards that make a 10 or 11.